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Masters Section Rules


The Masters Section endeavours to cater for all levels of participation in all age groupings. Whilst many continually strive in the ‘pursuit of excellence’ through competition, and thrive on the rivalry involved, there are those who prefer to seek self improvement through participation without the stress of competing on a regular basis, if at all.

Masters Marching is a physical activity suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, and importantly, with a very low injury factor. Marching is ‘Walking in Rhythm with Precision’ and walking is something most people do every day of their life. Marching, being natural movement, has the potential to contribute to an extended period of meaningful activity. There is considerable research evidence to show that continued physical activity can delay or even prevent the onset of the ageing process.

Many researchers contend that a fit 65 year old has the physical capacity of a sedentary 35 year old and that many so-called effects of ageing are more the effects of disuse than time. Not only can sport provide opportunity for meaningful physical activity, it can also provide social contact for people of a similar age group and/or similar interests. These friendships are an important part of Masters sport.
Whilst the primary function of this section is to promote Masters Marching, it may be necessary in the future, as the number of teams continues to increase, to look at some form of differentiated participation with adjudication only for those who wish to compete. Whilst maintaining the same basic rules, a Competitive Section and an Open Section could be made available. The Open Section is as it implies, would be open to all, and the Competitive Section would be open to the Teams who wish to participate in equitable competition.
If we go beyond our current membership to promote this section, Masters Marching may be a golden opportunity to increase our membership as well as a potential source from which to draw volunteers.

A minimum of six team members is required for a Team to be competitive in all phases of Masters Marching. Each phase has been detailed to allow for some flexibility of team numbers greater than six. The name of the game is participation and whilst reserve members are permitted, all members should be encouraged to take part in as many events as practicable. Team members may interchange positions between each phase of competition.

A designated member will be appointed to act as the Team’s Representative on the performance area. The Team’s Representative is responsible to carry out the requirements of this Handbook and has the authority, when appropriate, to address an official on matters of rule application, protest, or information. A Masters Team may choose to have a separate Team Representative for each event.

Masters members are required to be thirty years of age on or by the 31st December of the current season, however a Team may register not more than two members between twenty five years and thirty years of age.
The DrillDance Australia Board reserves the right to permit members outside the age restrictions to register with the Masters section, where exceptional circumstances prevail. Application in this case will be made to the Federal Executive Director in writing, through the State Administrative Director, stating the details.

A Masters Team may have a Team Co-ordinator, however a Team Manager is a requirement of team registration.
All applications for team registration must be on the prescribed form. Teams’ membership will be acquired by the affiliated State Association lodging the application with the Federal President. An extract of birth certificate or acceptable proof of age document is required. The Federal Board may, at its discretion, decline to grant or delay the granting of any application for registration.
The annual fees, payable in advance, will be as prescribed by the Federal Annual General Meeting, and will commence each year on the 1st of July, being the official commencement of the DrillDance season. Insurance is included in the annual registration fees.

It is sound policy for all members of a team to dress in the same basic uniform for the sake of economy and ‘esprit de corps’. Uniforms appropriate to the age of the members is recommended for Masters teams. Uniform registration is not required, except in the case of new teams or a change in colours for existing teams. Footwear will be recognised, unadorned, white marching boots, sand shoes or gym boots. The edges of the sole and heel platforms may be any uniform colour. The style of footwear within a team is not required to be identical.

The Team Manager can be male or female. The Manager will be responsible for the general well being and organisation of the group at training, demonstrations and competitions.

The Coach will respect the ‘rights of members’ and observe the rules of DrillDance Australia. As with the Junior, Intermediate and Senior sections, Coach registration for Masters Teams will be on the prescribed form and the same rules apply as for other age sections. Masters Coaches must satisfy the current DDA accreditation requirements as for other sections.
All queries on coaching should be directed to the appropriate State Coaching Director.

 Rectangle – 20 metres (side to side) X 15 metres (front to rear boundaries)
 White tape (approximately 20 metres X 6cm wide) for front boundary
 Four corner markers
 Start disc – centre rear boundary
 One sight marker – centre front boundary

Teams will select their music which will be a continuous piece of traditional march music played in the consistent time of 120 beats per minute as for Standard Competition Music. Note: No cuts in music.
All Teams must supply their own CD (CD-R) with their selected music which will be checked for consistent time of march and broadcast quality by the relative State Chief Judge.
There is no requirement to register music and identical music is acceptable for the Technical Drill Routine.

 Music originally constructed or re-arranged for the purpose of performing drill.
 ‘Pop’ music is not acceptable unless specifically constructed or re-arranged for performing drill. Such music will be cadenced throughout to any rate and may have changes of rate.
 Some instrumental and classical pieces of music may be suitable for performing drill. Such music will be cadenced throughout to any rate and may have changes of rate.
 Music with lyrics is not acceptable.
 There may be sounds or silent passages designed to complement the performance, except at the Start.
 CD-R’s & CD cases must be clearly marked with team name and routine name.
 If difficulties arise in obtaining music, please contact your State Chiefs.

The areas of participation/competition for Masters Teams are the Technical Drill Routine and the Thematic Drill Routine.

The seating of the judges will be as for the Technical Drill Routine and the Thematic Drill Routine for other sections.

The recording personnel will carry out checks of the scoresheets, preparation of the Master Sheets and the calculation of award results as set down in the Adjudication Handbook.

For State Competitions, the organising committee will retain the right to determine the awards within any segment of Masters competition.
The number of placings awarded (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd) in each phase of the contest will be decided by the Contest Committee of the appropriate State Association.

For National Competitions, the awards for the Masters section will be the same as for other age sections.