DrillDance Queensland

in time...in teams

DrillDance teams perform exciting and challenging routines in categories such as Dance, Prop and Drill-Team. Teams choose their costumes and music to match the theme of each routine. Age groups are Under 8, Under 13, Under 18, Senior & Masters. DrillDance provides opportunities for physical activity, improved posture, coordination and teamwork.

Basic Drill

Basic Drill is an introductory drill-team routine for younger members and beginners.

Technical Drill

Technical Drill is a routine sequenced to set drills and movements.

Exhibition Drill

Exhibition Drill links compulsory and free choice movements to create an exciting drill-team performance.

Thematic Drill

Thematic Drill combines steps, movements and formations in a drill-themed performance.

Prop DrillDance

Prop DrillDance is a display of dance or drill movements highlighted by clever use of props

Thematic Dance

Thematic Dance is a dance inspired routine of an interpretation of a story, theme, dance or pantomime