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Our teams perform exciting and challenging routines in categories such as Dance, Prop and Drill-Team.  Teams choose their costumes and music to match the theme of each routine.
What's involved...
Basic Drill 
This routine (for 6 to 12 Junior players) is a short, set drill discipline which introduces the younger members to the drill category of DrillDance with an emphasis on teamwork.   
Technical Drill
A routine with sequenced set drills and movements with challenges appropriate to the age groupings.  The emphasis is on accuracy of movement and timing.
Exhibition Drill
A choreographed routine where in a number of compulsory movements are performed to any sequence linked by free-choice drills and movements.
Thematic Drill
A routine for teams to be creative within the realm of a thematic drill-type routine with the acent and emphasis on characteristics of the music.
Prop DrillDance
A display of dance and/or drill movements with the emphasis on the skilful use of props and precision movements.
Thematic Dance
This routine involves a free choice interpretation of a story, theme, dance or pantomime.

What is drill dance?

DrillDance Qld is a registered member of DrillDance Australia and started over 60 years ago. 

DrillDance is a non-contact team sport that provides both male and female members with self-discipline, deportment, friendship and encourages good sportsmanship. 

The sport of DrillDance will help you to not only learn how to stand tall, but also the importance of working together in a team environment.

Team age groups are U8, U12, U17,  Senior & Masters
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